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About Us

Thank you for considering Nova Wholesale Outlet for your requirements of general merchandise, OTC medicines, HBA, Store supplies, Tobacco Products, Beverages and many other products.

We are a leading distributor catering to the needs of convenience stores for general merchandise, OTC medicines, health & beauty aid products, household products, tobacco, store supplies, etc. We are located in Edison, New Jersey.

We carry 6500+ items in 50+ categories that include brands like Trojan, Tylenol, Colgate, Advil, Chapstick, Blistex, Tide, Bic, Zippo, Juul, EZ-Wider, etc and hundreds more from leading manufacturers like P&G, J&J, Pfizer, Bic, Church & Dwight, etc. We are adding more new products and manufactures every day. A full color catalog that lists our entire product line is available for download or can to be mailed to you.

Since our beginning in 1996 as a leading distributor to convenience stores for prepaid phone cards, prepaid wireless refill products and pinless dialing services in New Jersey under the trade name of NOVA TELECARD and then in 2007 as NOVA DISTRIBUTORS, we have succesfully been offering our customers quality products with dependable service at a fair price. We conduct our business in an honest and ethical manner with genuine products and honest pricing with pass down of all manufacturers promotions to our customers. Our ability to source products we distribute and the manufacturers we represent has enabled us to offer competitive prices to our customers.

Our business experience includes servicing upwards of 1200 satisfied customers in New Jersey and other states.

We only sell to business customers for resale and a resale Tax ID number is required for all accounts. You must apply to be registered and approved to be able to order online.

Our motto is - Quality products with dependable service at a fair price.